Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Life is a List!

Put gas in car. Finish book. Make grocery list. Wrap gifts. Laundry. Take donations to Youth Ranch. Call Linda. Motorcycle class. Answer emails. Oil changed in car. New garage door opener. Take a nap if it feels right. Finish magazine article. Iron slacks. Buy airline tickets. Sort pictures. Rake leaves. Take seams in on pants. Cats need shots updated. Dig out edging around trees in back yard. Pick up prescriptions for Mike. Clean kitchen cupboards. Mending. Paint laundry room. Clean out pantry. Invitation list. Flooring in bedrooms. Sing along with the radio. Finish new 'noodle warmer' for Krieg. Take Riley to groomer. Diana's b'day gift. CPR renewal class. Write in blog. Vacuum & dust. Vet appointment for cats. Be sensible but not too serious. Call for referral appointment. Order blinds for living room. Pick up material for drapes. Check prices for rental car. Remember to laugh. Water plants.

It seems my life is defined by my 'to do' lists. Is it a list of what needs to be done or a list of things that really do not matter - that's for me to figure out. Sad but true.

My family tells me I'm the organizer. I think at times I enable their disorganization because they know I'll figure it out. When there is an extended family gathering I wait to see who will start the ball rolling. It doesn't matter. Advanced planning isn't for everyone.

Life is a list. You make the choices to do what is most important from your list.

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