Sunday, January 4, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our growing family.  Its become a tradition to gather together, enjoy dinner and drinks, exchange gifts, play a family game and go to Mass together.  This year was no different.  

Christmas season was very low key for us.  My shoulder surgery mid-month left me still in recovery mode and not one for running about.  Fortunately we had the house decorated (alittle subdued inside and out knowing I'd be restricted when the holidays were over...) and gifts purchased and ready to mail. 

This year Mike wanted to make some very special bird houses for our gang.  Each one was made of a different type of word (alder, birch and jocoba) with copper accents - they turned our lovely.  We just realized neither one of us took any pictures of the final product.  

And for the first time, we went to visit the Glow lights at Idaho Botanical Garden with Erin, Chris, Cheeks, Matt, Brit and Mr. T.  The boys had a visit with Mr. Claus - although Cheeks wasn't too thrilled with him.  Surprising since he is generally such a happy go-lucky guy. 

During the weeks before Matt and Brit finally announced they were pregnant to friends.  

Christmas Eve Mr. T. wanted to follow Santa's progress with the NORAD website on my laptop.  He has been doing this now for several years.  This year his little sidekick was a big help. 

Our little Mr. T is growing up too fast.  Legos are no longer cute, little boy sets but combat ready soldiers and their equipment. 

Matt and Brit had a very special announcement to share with all of us. 

I opened the gift to find a "little man" onesie and an ultrasound announcing their next baby will be a BOY!  
Mr. T learned the news with the family.  He wants a little brother.  
We were all very excited. 

Especially Cheeks!  
He reacted to everyone's excitement by clapping and shouting 'yeah' with everyone.

Krieg and Karissa took advantage of the mistletoe. 

Mr. Cheeks is also growing up fast.  This was the first Christmas for him to really participate and it was a lot of fun to watch him. 

The last gift was a second 'family' gift.  Erin asked Brit to open it up and pass around the envelopes labeled for each of us. It was the Christmas card from Erin, Chris and Cheeks.  

I examined our photo, commented how cute they all looked and passed it on to Papa.  As I looked at the rest of my family I realized by their reaction to what they read, I'd missed something...  

Erin said - check out Cheeks' shirt. 
It said "Big Brother". 

I completely missed "Baby Murray" on the card.  
I was just a little surprised.  
We have another new grandbaby to join us the end of July '15. 

Naturally we had to have a family picture to commemorate Christmas 2014. 

And we wanted an extra special one of just the girls...  

While the boys played with their newest toys and books, the adults played "Five Crowns", a very fun card game - even in the most competitive of families, until it was time to go to Midnight Mass
We hope everyone enjoyed a special Christmas celebration, with family or friends.

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