Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new Sidekick

We have always shared our home with pets - whether a cat or a dog or sometimes multiples of both.  Gradually life changes and you find yourself without a fur friend.  
I knew I would one day bring a new friend home but it took my husband some convincing.  

In December I found a miniature schnauzer puppy here in town
 and went to meet his parents, his owner and him.  

It was love at first site.  

Choosing his name was a family decision. 
The list of entries grew on the chalkboard.  
We looked for something male (obviously, duh), German (he IS a schnauzer after all)
and completely unique.  

Years ago we had a miniature schnauzer named Maxx, or Maxximillian.  
Our list included Bruno, Reiner, Laki, (he is Odin's son), Finnegan, Lucas, Bogart, Gunner, Jackson, Herschel. 

I watched the movie "Footloose" and heard the characters name Ren.  
This lead to Remy (for Remington) and our son suggested Ruger.  
Everyone liked that idea. 

He was born November 15th.  And came home with us at 8 weeks.  

At 11 weeks we went in for his second round of vaccinations and weighed in at a whoppin' 7lbs. 5 oz.  
He's an energetic, lean machine.

And it wasn't until we went away for the weekend and left him with a family friend, 
did I realize how much he is growing. 

Ruger loves walking with his leash.  
He slept through the first night, albeit on our bed and not the planned crate, but still sleeps all night.   
Ruger loves to ride in the car.
He has adapted well with house training and stays in his crate when we leave the house without him.
Ruger hangs out in the office on a stack of pillows when we are in here. 
And he's even warmed the heart of the biggest skeptic...  my husband. 

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Mags Shaw said...

Don't you believe it! My cardiologist will tell the world when my heart gets warm, and why!!!!! ;-)