Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crafting with my Girls

Erin discovered another U of I alumni here in the Treasure Valley. 
Her and her husband own the Indian Creek Winery.  
They were holding craft day - creating with wine corks - and we knew we wanted to arrange with our favorite girl posse for a morning out. 

 We quickly confirmed availability with my daughter-in-laws and signed up. 
If you have never been out to Indian Creek Winery I highly recommend the visit. 
Granted our visit was December, but the small store heated with the pot belly stove was cozy warm,
the staff (all family) was charming and friendly.

Kristen and DIL Britnee

DIL Karissa
Britnee, Deb, Erin
Our trees

Just us girls.

With my Girls

I am looking forward to returning when the spring weather returns.  
The flower beds are intriguing and I suspect I will find one or two blooms to photograph.  

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