Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Dream...

For years I recall having vivid dreams, often heart pounding, break a sweat kind of dreams, and then when I awaken and want to share absolutely NOTHING comes back to my memory. The past couple of weeks I've had a couple of doozies. So right there in your face - is it real - and I remembered them.

Last night (or was it this morning) I was dreaming about zombies. I would like to clarify I am not in the slightest bit obsessed with the recent zombie craze. I know our daughter, SIL and friends watched a TV series about zombies. I know there is a phone app my sweet coworker used to turn me into a zombie. But so far as understanding the zombie fad I remain clueless. The fact that I was dreaming about zombies made me laugh... even in my dream.

Perhaps it's a follow on to the Twilight vampire and shape shifter/werewolf craze. Or is it because of the "end of the world", Mayan calendar, apocalyptic survival undertones which circle around and leave me on the outskirts? I just don't get it. Nor do I worry.

But last night there were zombies. I was running from them. Mike was with me. We were both very fit (proof it was a dream) and able to run without pain and breathlessness. I wasn't scared. We hid in a raised doorway, sort of an alcove to a warehouse door where a delivery might be made.

Oddly enough our daughter approached. We told her to stay with us. "Come hide where it's safe!" She seemed to be painting her face with a pastry brush. I rationalized it as an explanation for her odd pallor. When I asked she got the look on her face that all of our children get when they are up to something (even now)! She said she was already 'one of them'. And then starts laughing... "Mom" she says, "they eat one another. They keep trying to get me to share their meals. They just don't get it". I look at her feeling confused. Perhaps she's not really a zombie. Instead she explains... "I can't eat that - I'm a vegetarian!!"

Always making me smile - even as a zombie - that's my girl...

PS: Honestly I am not trying to decipher my dream. I am thrilled to have remembered it. It still makes me giggle.

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Wytee's Gal said...

I've often wondered that myself-what would I do if I were a zombie haha!