Monday, February 28, 2011

The "Flats" - An Endangered Species...

Once upon a time the Bear family was looking forward to the wedding of their oldest grandbear Adam, to his beautiful wife Alexis. We had our travel plans. We had hotel reservations. We were meeting up with our Jam-Texan Bears and spending the weekend together.

Momma Bear, however, was having separation anxiety. The summer trip for the family would be without Baby Bear. Baby Bear was spending the summer salmon fishing in Alaska with Cousin Bear (because after all, salmon is a favorite food of the Bear family). The annual family trek to the coast with the Oregon Bears would be without two of our Bears. It seemed all of Momma Bear's hopes for a weekend together were not to be...

Momma Bear and Darling Boo Bear chatted up a plan. We created the "Flat Cousins".

The "Flat Cousins" - Flat TK and Flat Tichard dressed in their bow ties for a Bear family wedding.

Flat Tichard and Flat TK with the bride Alexis and groom Adam

Flat TK with niece Jay, sister Nee and sister-in-law Burt.

The "Flat Cousins" in the Bear family picture.

Lovely Sister Boo Bear kept close tabs on Flat TK throughout the years. Everyone knows how close our family is and how we like to spend time together. Flat TK loves to travel with his big Sister Boo Bear.

Even lil T loves to hang out with Flat TK - one of lil T's favorite uncles!

Flat TK loves to pose with Papa and Momma Bear.

This past summer Flat TK joined once again at the ocean for the Bear family camp out at the beach. The cold weather didn't bother Flat TK. He got cozy every night in his tent.

Kalaloch beach - Papa Bear, Momma Bear, Sister Boo Bear and Flat TK. Everyone loves to hang out on the beach logs.

Flat TK couldn't resist the opportunity to visit Forks. He begged and begged until everyone agreed to go along. Flat TK is such a Twilight-nerd!

Flat TK and Sister Boo Bear beach combing at Kalaloch.

After a long hike to Sol Duc, Flat Krieg, nephew lil' T Bear and Sister Burt Bear stopped for a photo op.

In fact, Flat TK was having sooo much fun he decided to create his own Spacebook account so he could share stories and pictures of all of his adventures.

Flat TK is always such a great help around the house. He jumped right in when Sister Boo Bear wanted to make cookies.

What can I say... Flat TK is one of those guys who just won't let weather keep him down! He's truly "one of a kind" - like an endangered species!

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Trana Family said...

ha ha you had some time on your hands huh!!?? I love the flatness!