Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Biggest Loser

It's that time again... another Biggest Loser season starting tonight. I am addicted. An addiction which started two seasons ago. I couldn't wait to have the contestants start sweating off the poundage on my television again.

For whatever reason I find this inspirational.

I am not yet back at the Y working out myself. I'm starting slowly. I find that as I walk the pain in my foot is less and the ache in my hips, lower back and shins is increasing. To me it's a sign of normal again.

I want to get back on the treadmill - I want back to the Y for Yoga and deep water aerobics. I know if I head back this month I will not be alone. It will be standing room only. It will be crowded.

Instead I'm going to stick with walking outside - in the frigid cold with the dog - until everyone is ready to give up their New Years Resolutions - or February whichever comes first. Plus this will build up the strength in my foot which has had it way to easy, in it's little protective boot, riding on the scooter, for too many months.

Meanwhile I'll continue to channel my inner Jillian and SCREAM at myself... "Get up and Get out!"

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