Thursday, December 23, 2010


I forgot to tell you – because I’m still kind of not in reality mode here but very excited nonetheless…

Our daughter Erin is engaged!

Chris, her boyfriend, asked Mike and the boys, at Thanksgiving, if he had their blessings to ask Erin to marry him. She knew – they’ve been talking.

I guessed the ring would appear before the New Year.

They decided to go for a ride the other night to see the Lunar Eclipse. They used their camera to take a self portrait while it was happening. Chris checked the picture and set it up for another. This time he says to her “look at the camera” and she turns, he’s on his knees. Before she realizes what is happening, she squats down too and says “do we need to get lower for the picture?”. He managed to stand her back up and get back down to propose before the camera went off for a second picture.

She said yes. I’m anxious to talk with them – they are enroute home today!

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Ginny said...

Congrats! I am very excited for all of you! Have a wonderful Christmas and then start planning....hehehe