Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sleepover at Gramma & Papa's...

Last weekend was Matt & Brit's 4th anniversary. They decided to spend it clearing boxes from the garage and moving things into their new home - and let Taten hang out with his grandparents.

Taten arrived Saturday afternoon. We played in the backyard, enjoying one of our rare days of sunshine. His lacrosse stick and Riley's ball kept him entertained for quite awhile until he decided to upgrade - to the fish net from the pond and the four square ball. Typical Shaw - do it up BIG.

Taten is sporting his very first major 'booboo'. This past week he fell into the window sill and had a bump and bruise on the side of his eye socket. Now his eyelid is black and blue and varying shades of yellow. It doesn't slow him down.

He followed his Tio around in the evening, falling asleep on the bed while Tio showered after work. During the night he woke up confused and Gramma put him in bed with her, taking full advantage of the situation.

Sunday we had a leisurely morning - comics with Tio and rocking with Papa. We wandered in and out of the house, depending on the weather. It was fun to have Tate around again. Even though I knew they were buying a house and we helped with the repairs, it was still a bit of a shock to me when Matt, Brit and Taten stayed in their home for the first time. I couldn't believe they weren't coming 'home' to us. I'm adjusting. Soon Papa will be closer to 100% and back to his regular Taten-sitting during the week. We miss the little stinker!

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Amy said...

He really is a beautiful, beautiful boy!