Monday, March 8, 2010

Productivity and Planning...

It was a productive weekend in our household. Our only weekend home this month.

Our monthly weigh in wasn't as successful as we wanted but given we've been on the road, and sick with various stages of the crud for over a month, we weren't surprised. The scale still dropped but not as much as I'd like. Just reinforces my return to my workout routine!

Mike made major progress moving items from our very cluttered, cozy, two car garage into his large, empty shop in the back yard. We took down some questionable shelves - just barely attached to the garage wall - and moved camping gear, storage items and yard supplies to a pair of very sturdy shelving units. Mike even took a load of saved wine bottles to the recycle bin. He kept what he needs for bottling the next two batches he is creating and the rest are gon-zo.

I worked my way around the yard with a rake and leaf bags. Our flower beds are clear of winter leaves and twigs and the grass shows encouraging signs of life. My shoulders are protesting a bit this week but it was so worth the effort. Now I can start picking my way around the flower beds pulling a few weeds.

We also managed a major clearing of dust bunnies, spills and grime from inside the house. Apparently our maid has taken on new clients and left us in the 'dust'... (just kidding - I would be the sort of person who would clean for the cleaning lady arrival.)

We started our list for our short week at home. I work all four days and Mike has a list of errands and chores to keep him out of trouble at home. Thursday he will pick me up after work and we will head south for Reno. Friday we will find ourselves in Lemoore, CA. We haven't been back since Erin was a baby. Sunday we will head f0r the San Diego area, meet up with Tonya, Dan and family for a week of vacation together, visit with our grandson Adam and his wife Alexis and see three lacrosse games. The University of Idaho boys are heading south this coming weekend too - to play Claremont McKenna College on Monday, SDSU on Wednesday night and UCSD on Friday night.

We are very excited to have this opportunity to return to California, visit with family and many friends AND watch our favorite Vandal team!

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Lynn said...

I'm going to get into Spring cleaning today. You've inspired me. : )