Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aloe Vera

Recently a patient arrived one hour late an appointment. First question on the form - any changes? Ms Patient shared a detailed (and loud) family history how she and her mother were heavy bleeders and "sort of lose their minds-even go a little crazy" ("you know..."). She discovered Aloe Vera... and drinks several ounces of it which has relieved the side affects of her heavy bleeding and she can think clearly. She wasn't aware how Aloe Vera would affect her in "that way" ("you know... " ). After taking Aloe Vera she got "a sensation 'down there'. Now that she takes Aloe Vera ("you know...") when she gets the sensation she just fulfills herself with whatever she wants - but not in a kinky sort of way ("you know..."). She doesn't need to depend on anyone else to make her feel like a woman (think Shania Twain... man, I feel like a woman...). I know the husband and wife waiting were delighted to be a part of her story... I just nodded, smiled and said how glad I was it was all working out for her (you know...). It's not very often I'm at a loss for words.

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The Frasiers said...

OMIGOD!!!! Now that is one to share at a meeting.... Thanks to the ol' bags for TMI for our comedic relief!