Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Decorating with Taten

As our children have grown and moved on (which was the goal in the first place) I've missed having them around as the house takes on it's Christmas aura. I remind myself, with every nativity and Old World Santa placement, of the memories of them with each decoration.

This year I had a new assistant - our 20 month old grandson Taten. During one of his visits, we carefully unwrapped a few ornaments for the tree. He was very deliberate with each placement to the tree. It was so much fun to watch him add my memories, one at a time, to our tree. Granted his placement to the lower third and front half of the tree may require some rearranging down the road but for now Gramma Deb is thrilled with a new tradition for future holidays and memories for years to come.

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