Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5, 2008

It's the day after our Presidential Election. I state for the record I did not vote for our president elect.Our family had differing opinions over who should carry our nation forward. I voted by absentee ballot several weeks ago. I was certain of my decision. I too want change. I am not pleased with our present national crisis. I wanted to have a leader with experience, foresight and pride in our country. I did not need additional time to ponder who would receive my vote.

The reasons for my choice seemed rational, as I know my family members believed in their selection. I'm proud my children all participated. I'm proud everyone has the ability to make their own choice. I'm proud we have the freedom to be a democracy.

I'll be honest. I'm concerned. I love my country. I love telling folks I was born on the 4th of July. I tear up when I hear the National Anthem. I proudly hold my hand to my chest in salute of our American flag. At the age of 17, I chose to serve my country and when my service was complete I followed my best friend in life across the United States, to South American and the Caribbean, in support of his service to our country. We made sacrifices. We spent a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays apart while he defended our rights. My heart swells when I think of our young children holding their chubby, little hands to their heart when the flag would pass in front of them.

I wanted to elect a president who shared my pride. I wanted a president who's family was proud to be American and proud of what our flag stands for. There is so much animosity among our younger generations. They are being raised during a time of war. They are being called upon to fight for our country. They are scared. I wanted a president who is someone our younger generations will look up to for leadership, guidance, and example.

I know God will guide us through the difficult transition period. I have faith that God has brought us to this point for a purpose. Everything happens for a reason. This has been my personal mantra for years. I believe God must have a reason. Perhaps as a society we've become too obsessed with material matters and we need to rethink our priorities. Perhaps God is asking us to look deep into our hearts to what is important.

Our own family was faced with reprioritizing several years ago when we moved and lost the job that brought us to our new state. As a family we chose to dig deep, cut back and remain where we were. We downsized our home, drove less expensive vehicles and worked jobs which may not have been the most desirable, until we were able to get our feet back on the ground. We learned the difference between wants vs needs. There have been no cruises, no long vacations. When we are able, we gather together at our favorite ocean site, we split expenses with the larger family group combining valuable time together with relaxation. We saved to ensure annual visits to see my parents as I know they will not be around forever. We are closer as a result.

My fear of all things Muslim influenced my choice of presidential candidates. I do realize that not all Muslims are radical fanatics. I pray to God our president elect will open my mind to understand that which I do not know.

Declining investments, decreased housing values and lack of jobs are concerns for everyone right now. I pray we will continue to find a means to assist our college bound children while they attend public state schools. If it weren't for financial aid and student loans this would not be possible. Our hard saved investments for this purpose disappeared after 9-11. I pray the economy improves enough when our children graduate they'll be able to pay back those loans and still get by. I pray our son and his wife are able to support their family and have housing of their own soon.

Change is inevitable - and necessary. I pray our Nation's choice for change proves my fears to be invalid and I can say "I was wrong". I pray our future president has the forethought to accept the guidance of those with more experience around him, to assist in making the right decisions to lead our Nation.

God bless America.

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