Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life is Grand!

Have you ever noticed that some days you are older than others? It's that reality thing. I manage to keep busy and try to stay one step ahead to avoid facing reality with too much seriousness.

However, recently I succumbed to my vanity and started wearing contacts. Mind you I've only worn my glasses routinely for the past couple of year.. i.e. it's mandatory to see what's within arms range.

My family has been saying - get contacts. Seems easy enough. While I'm not a big fan of poking one's self in the eye, and never been fond of prying the lid open, I'm getting better at it. I can actually get the contacts in my eye now in under an hour! Not kidding!

Why is it the eyelashes formerly referred to as "razor stubble" now get in the way. I've spent so much time stretching the skin tissue around my eye that I'm going to need a nip and tuck (or for me it would be more of a slash & fold).

The vision is just one of many declining activities I've faced in the past few years. I've noticed I get noisier when I walk, sit, move... used to be just the joints protesting by creaking and now it's this odd "uff" sound expelling from my mouth.

We won't even discuss the gray hair. I have given up coloring (mostly because I have no clue what my original color is any longer) and have resorted to "highlights" (which is code for I'm adding blonde to confuse the gray!).

I could go on - there are hot flashes, dry skin, removal of out-sourced body parts... crazy, huh. I no longer fret about that extra 10lbs - because they have friends (about 30 of them). I could exercise - but that would involve more energy than I care to produce. I'm quite content with my 'virtual' workout.

But these changes only define 'what' I am - not who. What I am is a gardener, photographer, wanna-be writer, beach-comber, traveler and lacrosse mom. This is who I am... nearly 48 years old, recently a grandmother, mother of three, wife to him, mother-in-law, daughter, big sister, aunt, step-mom to four, 'gramma' to ten more, 'Uncle Deb to two, sister-in-law, niece, Godmother, confidant, listener and friend. Life is grand!

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